touch-sensitive (EN, PL)


Since July 2017 I was exploring the theme of touch and a haptic relationship with touch screens and interfaces.

Touch is often associated with creating bonds between humans and animals and used as a sign of affection. With the gesture of impersonating the digital device (or maybe addressing the UI designer? Screen fabricant?...), I wanted to mis-understand interfaces and the ”meta” information provided by them about the act of touching the devices.

For this series of works I was collecting screenshots of UI communication boxes, buttons, explanations of various types of physical interaction with the devices, pictures of organs which are used for touching and my associations in this field, in a form of a word or an image. I was particularly interested in incorporating the speech about "digital touch" to the context where it could be understood as a guide to interaction between humans, and their private relationships.

The project was run on the Instagram. This app runs only on mobile devices, so in order to view the full work, it must have been literally touched by the viewer. This adds to the haptic experience of perceiving art through the internet and digital devices: the viewer who wanted to enlarge the image or double tap the screen to give a like was automatically sucked into the realm of my artworks.

You can find this theme in my earlier artworks, too (digital and paper collages). I encourage to touch my Instagram (deeply).

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