Aleksandra Pieńkosz (b. 1992) is a Polish multi-disciplinary artist, postinternet art researcher, graphic designer and organizer of cultural events. Consistently interested in new phenomena in art and literature, especially those involving new technologies and digital media. Founder of Glitch Art Is Dead – series of events that created a platform to dig up the stunning non-academic digital art to the wider audience and provide it with theoretical background & appreciation. >>> Read more about Glitch Art is Dead and download a free exhibition catalogue

Her practice since 2015 usually combines found objects and words and is focused on finding human touch (both figurally and literally) in new media and digital technologies. She created the term interface poetry to describe her interdisciplinary artworks. >>> Find out what it is

Aleksandra created Błędy systemu w miejscach publicznych (System errors in public places) which encouraged almost 10k people to find humanlike beauty in system vulnerabilities. In 2016 she created Computer is my jewelry – project of a custom jewelry made of computer hardware.

Currently she is based in Barcelona, Spain and works as a freelance graphic designer, book editor and e-book developer.

Exhibitions (as a participant)


— New Digital Collage curated by Fabio Paris and Linda Rocco
Online at:
Portopiccolo Digital Summer Art, Trieste, Italy
— Fu:bar expo, Zagreb, Croatia

2017 The Exhibition, Brescia, Italy
Fu:bar expo, Zagreb, Croatia

The artist is online, Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany
Animafest, Zagreb, Croatia (collaborative work)
Fu:bar expo, Zagreb, Croatia

Cegła NA KONKRET – concrete poetry exhibition, Wrocław, Poland

Re[d]akcja techniczna, individual show, Biała Podlaska, Poland


Exhibitions (as an organizer) / art projects / events / other professional experience

Iseljenie/Eksmisja exhibition and anthropology event about refugees in Belgrad. Kraków, Poland (curatorship, graphic identity)

– organization of the second Glitch art is dead exhibition & glitch art festival. Gamut Gallery, Minneapolis, USA (art direction, curatorship, graphic identity)

(IX 2015–XII 2016) Rozdzielczość Chleba publishing house (fixed term): Glitch art is dead – book concept, coordination, layout, typesetting, illustrations, writings

– organization of Glitch art is dead, first official Glitch Artists Collective international exhibition, Kraków, Poland
DIE, JPG: DIY workshop about glitch art methods

— co-organization of group exhibition Brzydcy, Kraków, Poland (concept, visual identity, press)
– lecture about cyberliterature during Podlaskie Spotkania Literackie literary festival
– John Cayley’s method workshop on digital poetry during Podlaskie Spotkania Literackie literary festival

– volunteer work in Trükimuuseum (Tartu Printing Museum) in Tartu, Estonia (bookbinding, linocut)

Korporacja Ha!art – editorial board member (part-time): co-organisation of Ha!wangarda: Festival of Experimental Literature; fundraising; editing of such books as „Polish cybernetic poetry” „The History of Visual Text. Poland after 1967”; coordination of projects such as hypertext poetry book;

Re[d]akcja techniczna, individual exhibition of liberature artworks
– workshop on liberature / found poetry making Coś z Nietzschego, Biała Podlaska

— Podlaskie Spotkania Literackie literary festival (co-organization, readings)



– Mały Format 12/2019, Ankieta e-literacka. Podsumowanie dekady w kulturze cyfrowej 

— Magazyn Kiksy (ASP Warszawa)

— Digital book aesthetics (series of articles), online (PL) at
Notes na 6 tygodni (presentation)

— Pieńkosz A., Płucienniczak P. (eds.) Glitch art is dead, Kraków 2016 (edition,
layout, illustrations, article, introduction) online at
— Poezja interfejsu, PROwincja magazine, 2016 (interface poetry) online at,
Green, Collage Collective Co, Australia (collage)

— „Cegła” magazine 31/2015 (concrete poetry)

– Pieńkosz A., Jestem tylko kruchym demonem, Biała Podlaska 2010 (poetry book)


Scholarships and prizes

– Graduation project: nomination for Leon Marszałek Editorial Contest
– Mayor of Biała Podlaska award for outstanding achievement in education and art in 2007, 2008 and 2009
– The Marshal’s Scholarship of the Lubelskie Voivodeship for outstanding achievement in art (cathegory: poetry), 2008